About our Two-Pack

Our Two-Pack paint finish is a two-part polyurethane which we can apply in a wide range of finishes including semi-gloss, gloss, satin, matt and our special ‘Super Matt’ finish which offers a 0% sheen and is fingerprint free! There is an ever-growing market for matt finishes and matt board, and around 80% of our doors are now requested in a matt or satin finish. The application of this paint finish is achieved through a two-stage process by applying the colour, then following with a clear coat. This means the finish can come in absolutely any colour and is available on all door profiles, timber veneer and solid timber.

Two-Pack is a very popular choice for cabinetmakers wanting a quality product to provide to their clients. It’s durable, very low maintenance and provides a high quality end result – which ensures happy customers. Two-Pack will not peel or warp like other finishes can often do in our humid Queensland weather meaning your customers have a product which will last and will stay looking great for many years to come.

About BioMaster

BioMaster is an innovative additive to our Two-Pack paint that makes our paint finishes super hygienic and gives them extra anti-bacterial properties. Vogue Joinery is one of only a few accredited applicators of this anti-microbial coating system in Australia. Biomaster guarantees fast, effective antimicrobial protection for the effective lifetime of the product, helps to keep surfaces clean and hygienic and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

The additive can be used with any of our Two-Pack paints but is particularly applicable for areas with high human traffic such as commercial environments, medical and dental rooms and food preparation areas. If you’d like to know more about this exciting finish click here.

Benefits of ordering online

Online quoting and ordering saves your business both precious time and money.  This ordering system is very simple and completely free to use. Online ordering provides clever solutions to common cabinet-maker problems, which makes this system one of the best joinery automation software programs on the market.

  • No fees – ever
  • Send projects in one click
  • Support local jobs and businesses
  • Access top Computer Numeric Control machinery
  • Instant quotes
  • All your jobs in one place
  • Custom cabinet sizes and componentry
  • Help-desk support

How to share your projects

Give yourself a pat on the back! We love seeing the fruits of our customers’ labour and what you’ve built with our cabinetry – so share the love with us online.